Terms and Conditions

1) Payment Terms: A $200.00 damage deposit (whichever the greater amount) is due upon booking. We hold a deposit in case of bus damage including: seat damage, damage to the bus television, barfing in the bus and/or failure to tip the driver's minimum gratuity. You will be sent an invoice with the total price above and your deposit will be returned by 7 days after the trip The preferred method of payment is: company check or cash. There will be a 5% convenience fee on any other form of payment. Payment is due 10 days prior to departure.

2) Overnight Trips: The above named client is responsible for providing our driver with a single, non-smoking motel room on overnight trips unless otherwise specified.

3) Parking: The chartering party is responsible for all parking, ferry, and entrance fees incurred on this trip.

4) Gratuity: Driver's gratuity is not included in this price (suggested gratuity is 20% of the total price). We require a $75 minimum gratuity for our drivers. In the event that the driver is not tipped the minimum of $75, the difference that was not tipped will be taken from your deposit.

5) Sales Tax: There is no sales tax on charter bus service, except in South Dakota where a 4.5% tax is mandatory for Intrastate charters, and 6.5% for Intercity charters.Responsibility: Versatile Party Buses LLC. shall not be liable for delay or non-performance resulting from road failure, road or weather conditions, labor difficulties, or any other cause beyond their control. Our maximum liability under any circumstance is the cost of this party bus.

6) Damage and Indemnity: The client will be liable for any damage to the bus or its contents that is caused by the passengers. Only Versatile Party Buses, LLC. operators will be allowed to open and close luggage doors, side doors, etc. The client agrees to be responsible for any and all loss, cost, damage and expenses occasioned by, or arising out of any accident or other occurrence that is found to be the fault of the chartering party including but not limited to negligence and intentional acts. This includes anything due directly or indirectly to the use of alcohol by the clients or any of its accompanied guests. There is an automatic $150 BARF CHARGE if anyone barfs on the bus.

7) Carrier: Versatile Party Buses reserves the right to use leased equipment, or lease from another carrier to fulfill this agreement.

8) Tobacco: Use of cigarettes or chewing tobacco on any of Versatile Party Buses is strictly prohibited. If caught, we reserve the right to stop services until your chartering party is in compliance. The second time, the bus driver reserves the right to terminate services or remove any persons violating our tobacco rule.

9) Safety: The client agrees to respect our professional operator's decision regarding road conditions, equipment, and safety.

10) Illegal Drugs: Illegal drugs are not permitted on the chartering bus. If you or your guests are caught in the bus with illegal drugs. We reserve the right to terminate services immediately and call the police for our safety. We do not tolerate this. Furthermore, you will not receive a refund or deposit back.

11) Federal regulations allow Versatile Party Buses, LLC. operators to be on duty 15 hours per day, including a maximum of 10 hours driving. An operator must then have 9 complete hours off duty before coming back on duty. Federal law also requires buses to drive safely. Our operators will not exceed 65 MPH at any time and will comply with state laws and regulations. Our #1 priority is to get to your destination safely.

12) Lost Items: Versatile Party Buses, LLC. is not responsible for luggage or personal items left inside the party bus or underneath in the luggage bay. All items not claimed within 48 hours after your session will be discarded.

13) Food and Beverage: With the exception of sunflower seeds, food and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed on the party bus. Canned beer, pocket sized bottled wine and cups (with lids) are the only beverages that may be consumed on the party bus. There will be an automatic $75.00 cleaning charge if the chartering party does not leave the bus as it was when the chartering party came in.

14) Weapons: Weapons, whether concealed or unconcealed, are not allowed on the Party Bus at any time. If caught, you or the person carrying the weapon will be removed from the bus.

15) Luggage: There is very limited luggage space on the bus. Versatile Party Buses, LLC. operators are trained to handle and load luggage up to 50lbs. Anything over 50 lbs. is the responsibility of the chartering party. Please pack accordingly.

16) Idling: Versatile Party Buses, LLC. takes great pride in protecting our environment and aims to avoid unnecessary idling at all times. Many states and large cities have anti-idling laws that do not allow party buses to idle more than 3 minutes. The party buses are only designed to idle with enough time to adequately heat up or cool down the cabin for travel. We will not idle while groups are out of the chartering bus.

17) Cancellation: Deposit/Retainer of $200 is non-refundable once the bus is booked. A damage deposit of $200 which is part of your retainer is required. Clients may cancel 90 days prior to booking without being held responsible for the balance. Clients may also change the date with no penalty to a later date as long as the chartering bus is available.

18) Insurance: Versatile Party Buses, LLC. agrees to provide $1,500,000 liability coverage for you and your guests.

19) Contact Information: MAIL: Versatile Party Buses, LLC. 1213 Mole Ave, Janesville, WI 53548, PHONE: (608) 359-2288 Email: versatilepartybuses@gmail.com.

Updated on 1/3/2020.

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