Terms and Conditions

  1. Trip fee is waived for any bookings located in Janesville, WI. Employer agrees to pay trip charge for miles driven outside of Janesville, WI. The rate is $2.00 dollar per mile (one way). Your total mileage fee is posted on the invoice that will be sent by the contractor.

  2. Client agrees to pay contractor the sum posted above which does include the minimum deposit paid earlier. A late Fee charge of $50.00 will be added if the balance in the invoice is not paid 10 days prior to fully contracted date. We are reserving this time slot specifically for you. Payment for contracted time is due regardless of whether or not all time is utilized.

  3. Client agrees to pay $200.00 an hour for each hour over base time listed above, under compensation, or $100.00 for each ½ hour over base time to be paid in cash, check or credit prior to start of over base time. (Min. add. Time is ½ hour).

  4. Retainers paid are not refundable. Employers may cancel the event 90 days prior to the event date listed above without being held responsible for the remaining balance. Events can also be changed to a later date if the Disc Jockey is available.

  5. Client agrees to compensate Versatile DJ Entertainment for any damage to any equipment which is not the fault of Versatile DJ Entertainment.

  6. Versatile DJ Entertainment reserves the right to terminate services at any time the job is deemed unworkable by Versatile DJ Entertainment employees or subcontractors. Versatile DJ Entertainment is not responsible for faulty electrical conditions. Example: (Safety issues concerning the employee, controlling guests, etc. remain the Client’s responsibility.)

  7. Versatile DJ Entertainment agrees to provide a liability insurance with $1,000,000 coverage. The venue may send an email to bookings@versatiledjent.com if they need this document.

  8. In the event that your original DJ is not able to make your event for any reason beyond our control, a replacement DJ will be appointed to you and you will be notified immediately. Clients have the right to cancel and receive a full refund if their DJ is changed. Versatile DJ Entertainment, LLC. reserves the right to subcontract to trusted DJ companies to to fulfill this agreement.

  9. Online payments are subject to a 3.5% processing fee. To avoid the fee, you may pay with cash or check. Your invoice will be marked manually when payments are made. Your invoice link will be sent to your e-mail.

  10. Videographers are all subcontracted with their own equipment. Therefore, they will be invoicing the balance separately.

  11. We are reserving this session for the client above. Clients may cancel or change their date at the latest 90 days prior to the event without penalties. Versatile DJ Entertainment will honor any credits needed and apply it towards the new date. Client agrees to notify Versatile DJ Entertainment of any date changes immediately. Retainers are non-refundabble. Versatile DJ Entertainment, LLC. reserves the right to cancel booking 90 days prior for circumstances beyond their control.

  12. Client understands that Versatile DJ Entertainment will take photos and videos for promotional purposes. Client agrees to notify Versatile DJ Entertainment in writing if client doesn't wish their images or videos to be posted on Versatile DJ Entertainment's website or social media pages.

  13. We will not service your event if it rains, snows or if for any reason, is not safe for us. Our equipment is not designed to handle these conditions. Client agrees to provide a minimum of a 10x10 tent to protect laptop and DJ controller from direct sunlight. Because our dates are our inventory and we reserve dates specifically for you, we don't refund money for a cancelled event due to weather. However, you do have the option to choose a "make up" date as long as we're available.

Updated: 1/3/2020

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